The KDS Special

Kristian Dunn of Elteneleven
has been playing his Carvin doubleneck for some time now. With doublenecks being somewhat of a rarity (especially with a bass on bottom), he was glad to find a custom maker who would work with him in designing his own instrument for under $1000.

The finish on this guitar is wonderful. The body was sealed with a nitrocellulose lacquer sanding sealer and finished in Premier's Dead Flat Lacquer. The alder really looks nice with the satin sheen and is a nice contrast with the gloss of the pearloid guard and coverplates.

The controls are pretty straight forward. A Fat Tele style guitar setup on top with a Jazz style bass on bottom. The guitar has a volume and tone control and the bass has individual volumes and a shared tone. The 3 way switches located just above the bass bridge are out of the way for Kristian's style of playing. One switch chooses the guitar pickups and the other chooses which neck is on. As an added bonus, the guitar is small enough that it fits neatly in a standard rectangular bass case.