The '67 Camaro RS Project

-----THEME GUITAR-----

My friend Allen commissioned a guitar celebrating his 1967 RS Camaro. Actually, this is his second Hembry. The first one got was one of our earliest. It also paid tribute to the Camaro and he brought it back to have it aged to look as though it has been on the road, in the bars, since about '67. We'll get it up here on the website as soon as we're finnished with it.

Some of this one's features are the yellow paint with black Bumble Bee stripe and an actual RS Camaro logo, mirrored plexi pickguard with 3 way switch, humbuckers all around, through body stringing, and (probably the coolest feature) the 3 Strat type outputs, two of which house the tone and volume knobs (the third, of course, is the actual output).

Tone for days and plays sweet. The neck is thin and fast and the action low. Maybe your Hotrod needs a tribute guitar leaning near it at your next Car Show...