Andrew's Skull-n-Bones

This has been my favorite build this year. Obviously, it is based on the J. Frog skull and bones guitar but ours is far more realistic (and far less expensive).

Andrew Autin came to us a little while ago with the idea of the Axe shaped guitar with a Floyd. After receiving his Axe, Andrew picked up two of our Rat Rods! Then he decided he needed a custom carved guitar. After checking around, once again he came back to us.

This bad boy was carved by our man J and J and I both worked on the paint together. We didn't want to do a copy of the original, we wanted to do something a little wilder and Andrew agreed.

The body is solid alder and features and original black Floyd Rose tremolo. Andrew wanted his initials in bones on the headstock and we were happy to oblige.

Check out Andrew here and here.