The T Bass Frankenstein

What a fun project this was! It was built from leftover parts laying around the shop. I took a Tele style replacement guitar body and joined it with a reliced Precision style replacement bass neck. I made a tortoise pickguard to cover the original Tele routings and rerouted the body to fit the new electronics.

The BODY was from a tele guitar. 3 piece alder and a very shiny finish. The NECK had a damaged head, so I took off the damaged part and added another piece and reshaped it. You can see the seam if you look for it in the pictures. I stained it nice and dark to camouflage it and to add to the aged look. It also has the appropriate wear marks, etc.

The ELECTRONICS are active. Volume-Bass-Treble. I added the extra control to the Tele control plate. The battery goes in back. The PICKUPS are a set of single coils from a strat. I joined the bridge and middle pickup to make the humbucker. I replaced the covers with solid black ones to hide the poles. The SOUND. Three distinctively different ones. The neck has a nice flat vintage tone, the middle has a 60's hollowbody sound, and the bridge has a modern clarity.