The BB King Project

This guitar was created to showoff our new imaging technique.

The portrait was created with translucent water based inks carefully applied so the natural beauty of the wood shows through. We can do any image in this technique. Family, friends, your heroes, your dog, your car, you name it. It could also be done on a much smaller scale, say, just the headstock.

The guitar itself is about as about as far away from BB's Lucille as you can get. Lucille is a shiny brunette while this is a satin blonde. Lucille's a hollow bodied arch top while this is solid alder with a maple laminate. Her hardware's gold, this is chrome. Her scale is 24 3/4 ours 25 1/2. Her head 3x3 ours 6 in line. Hers is the typical Gibson electronic setup with a Varitone while we have a single, mid placed humbucker with a volume and tone pot and a 5 way rotary selector changing the humbucker into singles and various humbucking combinations.