Trent Cooper's BLACK DIAMOND

This guitar came to us for a face lift and a good tweakin' via Trent Cooper of Carnival Bride. Trent had his custom Cross guitar built here and thought his old 80's shredder could use a little sprucin' up.

First, we tore her all down and redid the finish in black texture. Next came the diamond plate on the headstock, control cover, neck plate, spring cover, output jack, and one piece front featuring a Maltese cross. Then we routed out the body under the cross and installed four yellow LEDs which are turned on by the little red button on the front. Lastly, red plexi with a paper back (to diffuse the light) was inlayed.

A push/pull pot was added to coil split the Seymour JB giving this weapon a second, sweeter voice. All in all, quite the fun ride.