Doubleneck `A la Cottrell

Lawrence Cottrell saw the Shetland Special we did and just had to get one for himself (with just a few custom modifications).

Being a Tele player himself, he wanted Tele style necks and a slightly smaller body than the original Sheltand (which was based on the old Bigsby doublenecks).

The electronics feature individual volumes for each pickup and a shared tone.

The 5 way rotary pickup selector gives these choises: 1) Bottom bridge alone 2) Bottom bridge and neck 3) Bottom neck alone 4) Bottom neck and Top 5) Top alone.

The color scheme is a straight forward black and pearl white. Very classy and classic. Body is 3 piece Alder, necks are maple, and the Bigsby (with Larry's upside down control arm) gives the full scale side just the right amount of vibrato.