The Classic

This was one of my pet projects. It's one of the few that I get to build for myself and then sell later. This project was started over a year ago and was just recently finished.

The graphic was inspired when I saw a Fender Custom Shop guitar that was covered with "old school" tattoo designs. The graphics looked as though they were applied with colored pencil as opposed to paint and that got me thinking.

This is my first attempt at the colored pencil technique. The pencil work is buried under the nitrocellulose filler/sealer and the beautiful glossy clearcoat.

The body is poplar with a flamed anigre laminate (the head is laminated as well). The sides and back are texture coated and the whole thing is outfitted with chrome hardware.

The pickups are high output with individual volume controls and a shared tone pot that is also a push/pull that taps the coils. It has a 3-way switch conveniently located, stainless steel lag bolts connecting the neck, and mirrored covers on the back.