Here are a few of our customers. If you are a Hembry player too, please feel free to send in some pics and we'll get 'em posted.

Dave Bennett- The Snaggletooth Hey Scott, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I've received the Snaggletooth guitar safe and well here in New Zealand - I'm a very happy customer! I'm totally in love with this guitar, it's absolutely amazing and I'd like to thank you (and J) for building such a stunning instrument and allowing me to be the proud new owner. Obviously I knew from the great pics you have of your guitars that it was a stunning looking guitar, but it also plays great, sounds amazing, and feels very comfortable under my fingers. So when you combine the qualities of great sound and feel with the custom carved aesthetic, the end result is a guitar that is just so much fun to play that you don't want to put it down. The paint work is incredible, and the detail in the carving just blows me away - I've spent a good deal of time just admiring it like the work of art it is! The neck feels great and I really love the details such as the neck plate and headstock logo, which look very classy. Thanks so much mate, I'd like to get a few photos taken so I can fire them off to be added to your website. I've added you to my front page on MySpace and I plan to use the guitar exclusively from now on - I have a radio interview coming up so I'll be mentioning it there too, it just blows people away, including me! Cheers from New Zealand, Dave Bennett White Island

Leigh Westee- The JD Bass I'm a big fan of 70's and 80's rock. I taught myself to play bass late in life, started about 7 years ago and haven't stopped, its the love of my life. I portrayed Gene Simmons in an all female KISS tribute band for 4 years and had the Gene Simmons Punisher and a Gibson Grabber. When that band broke up, I decided to form an all female Van Halen tribute. I had a Michael Anthony signature Yamaha, but I KNEW I needed that Jack Daniel's bass! But WHERE do you get one of those?? I had no idea. I went on a few guitar building forums and someone referred me to Hembry Guitars. I looked at the site, saw the 'Cabo Wabo' guitar and it just felt like the right place. I emailed them and got an answer from Scott immediately. He was so easy to talk to, and very reasonably priced. I told him just what I wanted, a little smaller than the original and tuning pegs on the headstock instead of on the bottom of the bass like the original. He sent me pictures as he made it and each picture just looked better and better! When I finally got the bass, I couldn't believe how perfect it was! And the sound is KILLER! I get SO many compliments on it, everyone asks where I got it and I tell them HEMBRY guitars!! Thanks for making my dream come true, I never thought it'd be a reality. You can't portray Michael Anthony without a Jack Daniel's bass!! And Scott went above and beyond the call of duty by making me a killer logo for my band!! Thanks Scott! Leigh Westee AKA"Maddie Anthony" from She-ruption

Sam Messina - The Double Dream I started playing bass in 64. I knew by 68 that I wanted a double neck only 1 neck would be a 4 string and the other would be a 6 string guitar. Well, I never got that one but it always stuck in the back of my mind for all these years. Last year I went on the hunt and decided that I would get a double neck bass with 4 and an 8 string necks shaped like a Jazz bass. I checked all over the world and got anywhere from "Yea kid see you" to flat out laughing hysterically at the idea. I thought it was over and then I met Scott. He told me "sure I can build that, as a matter of fact I just finished building one for another guy". I was in shock and hooked. I can't say enough how professional Scotty is. He kept me in the loop the entire time he built the bass. He would email me pictures to show the progress, and we had great communication with email and phone conversations. I can honestly say that he's a real friendly guy and we became good friends. He also finished it really quick for a custom axe made from scratch. Naturally the bass turned out killer. It looks and sounds unbelievable. When I take it to a gig and first put it on, people drop their jaws and just stare. When I start playing it, they can't believe the sound. I've had more people come up to me to ask about this bass in the last month than I have had in the past year. All my musician friends love the thing too. When I fill in with a band they ask, "are you going to bring the double neck?" Absolutely. After all that, Scott's prices are extremely reasonable. You'll have to listen closely to the quote because you probably won't believe it when you hear it.
If you want the guitar of your dreams don't screw around. Give Scott a call like I did. You won't be disappointed. I know I'll be back. I'm already dreaming up another bass for him to build. Great work Scotty, Sam Messina

Bill Nehl - The Triple and The RatRod doubleneck Yo Scott -- Bill Nehl here -- I bought the triple neck from you a few months ago. On Monday I was driving home from a long weekend in Long Beach and decided to stop at the Music Stand to try and find some of these hard-to-get Dunlop clear plastic thumbpicks I can't play without. Stan had a good supply of them and I bought 10 -- then I took a moment to look around and saw your S/T Ratrod doubleneck. It was love at first sight!! Stan got me plugged in and after approx. 14 seconds of play I knew I had to have it. I almost didn't go through with it as there was no case or gig bag and I just cannot take an instrument without some kind of protective carrier -- but Stan found a padded 3/4 cello carry bag that fit perfect -- no two ways about it that guy Stan is a very cool dude! I've spent most of the last two days with this axe in my hand and I have to tell you its a treasure -- the necks could have been carved specifically for my hands and the breadth of tones I can dial in is awesome -- I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have found this instrument -- and I was just looking for a handful of thumbpicks!! I am very proud to be the owner of 2 Hembry Guitars. Here is hoping you just keep doing what you are doing for a very long while. Stay Cool Bill

Jim Hevesy - Simply HEVY Scott, I got a chance to play it this evening and it is completely what I was looking for from a guitar. The bass is punchy and clean. The action is incredible…Better than any Fender I’ve played. The guitar has a full range of tone from a Rocking SG to a country Tele…and every where in between. The finish is amazing! I got it this morning at 10 am at the church (my kids go to school there) and I took it to my youngest’s class for show and tell. The kids were speechless! It was like Christmas!!! As I play it more I’ll give you some more feedback…Thanks again!!! Jim Hevesy Chesapeake Church

Trent Cooper - The MINISTER Scott, You really have the artists in mind when you put so much love and attention in your craft. I am reminded of this and your kind cooperative spirit every time the Minister is in my hands. It has been a wonderful experience and I feel blessed I have the chance to purchase your guitars. There is no exaggeration in saying that the Minister is the finest guitar I have ever played. You know I have played all the high dollar American and Custom guitars and not too shabby at playing them I might add. I was very particular about what I wanted and you were so professional and understanding in accommodating my preferences. When the Minister was finished and to my surprise, you had gone above and beyond my expectations. Yet is was so very affordable. Also most guitars that have such a unique design tend to play like crap. This is the textbook exception. Everyone that I let touch the guitar (thinking of charging a fee) are so impressed with the playability and tone. I almost don't want to tell them it is you so that I can keep you to myself. Now that is a joke. But there is a little truth in every joke, right? Seriously I wish Hembry Guitars the very best in your business. My band mates and especially I will continue to buy just as many guitars and basses as you will let us. It has truly been a pleasure and an honor to do business with you. Hembry Guitars is a breath of fresh air in the music business, one of which I am sure the rest of the world will soon inhale. Kind Regards, Trent Cooper ORDAINED

Mattie Edwards - DWD2G Shredder The guitar plays very well. I love It!!! Thanks so much man, I love this thing!!! Mattie Edwards FIREBORN

Steven Steele - The Matt DeVito SWT We wanted something a bit different, and after talking to Scott, he was always helpful and came up with all the changes we asked for. He worked with us on payments and price and we are very happy with the finished product. He didn’t complain when we went thru all the changes and we would certainly use him again for another. Dare to be different and give Hembry Guitars an chance to work with you. Thank you, Steven Steele and Matt DeVito.

Arthur Hayes Jr. - REVERSED FLM Bass 5 Scott. The bass is great. Everything arrived just as you said. Finally, I got to plug her in. Very wicked appearance, and I'm so glad we came to the agreement we did on the woods and wings (flames). Looks outstanding, and everyone says they've never seen anything like it. It plays great. I didn't measure the distance between the strings, not as wide as a Lakland, but not too close together like my ESP; I really like a little more space between 5-stings, but yours is perfect as I now find myself playing faster and heavier than ever before, which would probably get tiresome/messy if the strings were too far apart. The tone was very good through my Landmark 600 and Ampeg 810. The tone is very defined yet versatile as I tried it through most all my available effects (distortion, synth, pitch-shifter, chorus, flanger, delay, etc) and the response was perfect. I could go on and on about the bass, but I will say that the case is monstrous. God damned, heavy, built like a tank, and longer even than my extended scale case. Very nice. Great work. Thanks again. Arthur

Anthony Vincent - ROCKIN' REBEL DOUBLENECK and the ROCKIN' REBEL II The Rockin’ Rebel was created with the combined features of the Jamie Hamilton and Joe Maphis doublenecks. The Hamilton Tele style doubleneck was used as the base model with additions of a Bigsby Tailpiece and a half scale neck. The Rockin’ Rebel looks fantastic and has a clean glassy tone that compliments upright bass. The offset body is balanced and light enough to play multiple set gigs without back stress. The black eggshell textured finish is pure rat rod territory. The Rebel has been a versatile addition to my 6120 and Falcon arsenal right out of the case. The quality craftsmanship, original ingenuity of design and affordability has made me a life time Hembry player. Repeat customer? Count on it! Stay cool cats. Anthony Vincent The Rhythm Dragons

Jamie Hamilton - HAMILTON DOUBLENECK When I first contacted Scott I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted in a double neck guitar, I just knew I wanted one. I wanted a regular neck and a short neck for higher tunings. I had always admired Joe Maphis and the Mosrite double neck he played. I talked with Scott about the double neck tele and the shorter neck and how I wanted the crazy armguard like Joe’s. He emailed me a design and we kind of fine tuned it to what you see now. It has a retro vibe but is also very modern looking. I realized that I was working on a small budget but, Wow, the finished guitar was so cool and we haven’t even got to the tone. After kind of fine tuning it and deciding on what tuning to use on the short neck, I took it to a gig. I play in a Vintage Blues/Rockabilly band (The Polyester Playboys). I usually play a Gretsch 6120 through a Vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb. I used the double neck on the first couple of tunes of the night and that was it since I was not used to it. At the beginning of the last set I broke a string on the 6120 and did not want to stop so close to the end so I grabbed the “Hembry” again. Wow! That is when I was really knocked out by it. After the 6120 it just barked. I played it the rest of the night gladly. It was a little heavy but I will get used to that. What I do on the tuning is regular tuning on the lower neck and on the short neck the lowest string is an “A”. The short neck has a real bite and is a lot of fun to play. Thank you Scott for building me such a cool guitar at a great price. Jamie Hamilton (Cadillac James)

Johnny Morse - Camarojuana After seeing one of his FLM basses on eBay I eMailed Scott to see about building a left handed one for me. After a couple of messages back and forth he sent me his concept drawing for this doubleneck monster. I was totally hooked. Throughout the process Scott provided updates and pictures showing the progress, which just made me want to get my hands on it even more. It was a total no hassle, comfortable, easy process from design to delivery. Exactly the way every transaction should be. Now that I’ve played it a few times I have to say the craftsmanship is amazing; the tone, the sustain and the rumble in your gut sound are top notch. The only drawback is the bass gets so much attention I can barely make it to the bar between sets. People just want to talk about the bass and get a better look at it. This beast is already legendary thanks to the local radio station. They were fawning over it during a recent live broadcast at one of our afternoon get-out-of-work-early shows, right around 4:20 coincidentally enough…It’s a real work of art and is absolutely perfect for Camarojuana. Nothing says 80’s hair metal excess like a doubleneck, and nothing says quality custom bass like a Hembry! Thanks Scott… I’ll be back for more! Butch R Block (Johnny Morse), Camarojauna

Larry Hodge - Great White I certainly am extremely pleased with not only the way it looks but its playability is remarkable, smooth as silk and the sound is just what I was looking for. I play through a Peavey combo 115 with a 2X10 cab it this guitar thumps just right. I brought it to work yesterday and I probably could have charged admission to look at it as there was someone drooling over it almost all day. I have people coming to our next gig just to see and hear it in action. VERY impressive Scott. After seeing it, people say the pictures don't do it justice and comment on how beautiful and professional it is. Again, thanks for making this one for me. I couldn't be happier. I'll keep in touch and let ya know how it's going. Catch ya later, Larry Hodge of Sub-Serious

D. Smolken - FLM-B doubleneck lefty I've had a couple of weeks to get used to this bass now. It works very well ergonomically - both necks are easily accessible from the nut to the last fret and the big offset between the necks lets my plucking hand fall into the right position naturally when switching necks. - The seemingly weird body shape is very practical - it makes for great balance and the deep cuts in the body keep the weight down while still letting me have a normal area to rest my forearm on. The location of the controls also works out very well, always nearby but there's no danger of accidentally hitting the switch. - The tone is great in a thumpy hard rock/metal way and is consistent between both necks. Sounds absolutely killer with heavy distortion. The low C string is clear (even with a heavy flatwound). - The black textured finish on the body is very cool - sprayed smoother than it is in truck beds but nicely textured and definitely non-slippery. It should also be ridiculously durable, though I'm curious how different the same bass would sound with a light lacquer finish. I feel like I need a sharkskin-inlaid strap to match the finish...- I'm most pleasantly surprised by two things: that this bass was actually done within three weeks and how a prototype of something this unusual works out so well both ergonomically and tonally. Not bad for $600! Once again, thanks for the whole thing. D. Smolken of Wolfmangler (formerly of Dead Raven Choir)

Sandy Riddle - FLM-B 5 string and Double FLM-B 5 string Holy Shit! I can't believe it; this bass is excellent. It was way more than I expected and the quality of the guitar is perfect. After I received the bass I was in awe........the tone and the sound of the bass was exactly what I was looking for, and the neck and general workmanship of the guitar was 100% awesome. In fact, I plan to buy 5 or 6 more, including a double-neck bass. Scott Hembry's guitars are the best I've seen yet. He was an excellent person to work with; he built the guitar just as I asked. After picking up the bass I went to buy a case for it and had at least 8 people asked where I got it from. I told them, I have a friend that builds his own custom guitars and after seeing them and the testimonies on his website I decided to have him build me one. If you're at the website, take a look at the 5-string flame base, it's a beauty. Again, more than I ever dreamed of, and I highly recommend Hembry Guitars. The only thing I could find wrong with it, is the was too low. I would have paid twice as much for a guitar of this quality. Thanks Scott! Sandy Riddle

Ray Lavigne - The Lavigne Doubleneck I highly recommend Hembry Guitars as a source for custom guitars. You (Scott) were very easy to work with, very accommodating. You built the guitar exactly as I wanted, the build quality is VERY professional, the instrument is nicely personalized, you did the build very quickly and your price was unbeatable! You will be getting more business from me in the future and I'm sure you'll be getting orders from people I know here in Southern NH and Boston!! Sincerely, R. Lavigne (bass, 2nd guitar and keys for "One Fine Mess")

Robbie Thompson - FLM-B prototype I got my bass last Saturday. Very well put together and balanced like a dream. It doesn't weigh much, but there's not much body on it. Its very easy to play and the setup is just how I like it. Paul got the matching guitar. Both are Hembry FLM prototypes and custom named "Hellvita" just for us. "Hellvita" for the flame/cheese/civita factor. Damn, bad-ass if you ask me. I'm even recording with it. It has a better tone than my Ibanez BTB! Robbie Thompson, CIVITA

George Bjorling - The Hembry Twincaster I wanted a doubleneck Esquire/Tele and looked around quite a while and found this new guitar builder named Scott Hembry who was selling his prototypes on eBay and practically giving them away. I asked if he could build what my imagination had conjured up and he said he had already started!!! He let me collect my own hardware and he relic'd everything and far more radical than the big name custom shops. It took less than a month and a half during which he sent me picture updates by email just to torment me. It looked far better than I planned. I started to worry he might keep it himself!!! He took it around to music stores and tempted people with it. When I got it I was in awe. It is a true original and it has a feel like no other guitar. It gets played through a Marshall half stack aimed directly at my mean neighbors house. I haven't met Scott in person yet but I'll bet his skin is HOTROD GREEN in color. He is way cool on the phone & goes out of his way to build and satisfy us picky guitar junkies. He is also working on Drum head logos for my band "POTTBELLIED BARNYARD." A great artist. Thanks Scott, George Bjorling