The Headbone

This guitar is just wild. This is a perfect example of what can happen when Scott cleans out the shop and finds left over parts that are unspoken for.

This guitar is more than just a Frankenstein project though, it rails! There is something about the feel of this guitar that just makes you want to whack on it.

Some of the details:

The back half of this LP body is mahogany and the front half is bubinga. Oddly, it has a 25 1/2 scale maple neck with 6 on a side tuners like a Strat.

Not only is this guitar outfitted with 4 Q-Parts skull knobs, but the headstock is shaped like half a skull (including a cool skull graphic).

It has through body stringing, a white pearloid guard and flame accent, stainless steel neck bolts, and a standard Les Paul wiring setup.