Janus is the two-faced Roman god of doors. Janus is also the union of a four string fretless P-style bass and a LP-style six string guitar conceptualized by Ken Kerr, a college English professor. Purists might scoff at the marriage of a Fender and a Gibson but I think this project is exactly what a custom guitar is all about. Being able to have made, whatever you imagine.

The finish on this guitar is amazing. The 3 piece alder body was scorched with a torch and then sanded all over removing the softer grain and leaving the harder behind. The center sections were sanded more to expose more of the wood and then sprayed with a tinted lacquer. Then, the entire body was shot again with Jet's dead flat lacquer. The satin finish and raised grain give the body a very nice feel, also the satin finish help hide finger prints.

The rectangular silver inlayed coin was minted in 1978 but the round one was in circulation around 200 BC.