The Millenium Falcon

After seeing Butch R. Block's Camarojuana doubleneck, M.C. Foodcourt of Museum of Science had to get one for himself.

Born from 50's sci-fi movies and leftover parts from something found at a crash site in a desert near Roswell, New Mexico...comes one of the wildest guitars...

Old and new guitar and bass parts, exposed 9v batteries, lighted switches, LEDs, gauges from a 60-something International Harvester, diamond plate aluminum top, semi hollow alder body with black textured finish, maple necks with skunk stripes and maple fretboards, silver metallic headstocks and tones that are out of this world are what we've managed to stuff into a standard rectangular bass case.

Mojo, tone, and Plan 9 from Outer Space good looks, what more could you want?