The B-Bendin' Mossy Oak

Mossy oak camo, B-bender, and a drop D tuner...what more could you want in a T-style guitar? That is just what Andy of Broken Trail wanted in his Andycaster.

It has Lindy Fralin overwound pickups, a 3 piece alder body, maple on maple neck, custom camo finish, custom translucent green guard, and a D-tuner, B-bender, and aluminum knobs all from Hipshot.

The finish featured on this guitar is a new process from Hembry Guitars. The graphic is printed on a thin maple laminate in water based dyes that are then adhered to the body and then sealed and filled with a nitro cellulose filler/sealer and then finally cleared in poly. Keep checking back in for more guitars featuring this process. Anything can be done, including portraits, logos, graphics, anything you can imagine.