The Shetland Special

Zach Cortinas aka Petey Bombay AKA The Shetland AKA 1/3 of The Murgatroyds, however you may know him, he knew what he wanted in a guitar and he came to Hembry Guitars to get it made.

He had the short scale neck crafted in Australia and set it to us to get the ball rolling. We have no idea what the woods are, but after a little reworking it was ready to go.

A list of details:

  • Matching headstocks with matching trussrod covers featuring the guitar's name
  • Sperzel locking tuners on the full scale neck
  • Red metallic paint
  • Faux white painted binding
  • White pearloid pickguards and covers (including custom pickup covers designed and built by Scott Hembry)
  • 5-way rotary pickup selector
  • Bigsby tailpiece
  • Custom pickup ringed tailpiece
  • Shetland portrait inlay

Retro - old school - funk - surf punk - thrash - twang - slam - bang...anyway you look at it, it's just plain old cool and yet there is nothin plain about it.