The Skull-n-Bones 3000

Here we have another incredible guitar from the mind and hands of J! He is continuing to produce some of the most amazing carved bodies. Give us a call and see what he can do for you! Your vision, your dream can be your guitar!

This carved alder body is loosely based on the George Lynch Skull-n-Bones guitar by J Frog but this one was created with the eye of H.R. Giger (of Alien fame).

Some of the details are a rosewood on maple neck (satin finish, smooth and fast), an original Floyd Rose (for soaring dives), a custom covered Seymour Duncan SH4 (warm fat and hot and the cover matches the body), and a single volume knob (don't need anything else).

This guitar was snatched up before it was even finished. We had been doing a lot of guitars with Joel Atwater with the proceeds going to children's cancer and he was feeling the need to pick something up for himself. I sent him a pic just after the body was primed and he knew it was going to be his!